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A fundamental part of the Spanish learning experieince
taught by the Minerva Spanish School is influenced by the time spent staying with your host family, where you will be treated as part of the family. During your staying in Quetzaltenango you will be living with a Guatemalan family, which are carefully selected to ensure your well being and safety.

Accommodations are modest, but comfortable. Students have their own private room with the necessary comforts and conveniences, enabling you to enjoy and make the most of your time with the family. Students usually share bathroom and shower facilities with the family and students are provided with three meals a day (Including Sunday). Vegetarian meals are available at your request. Laundry services are available for an additional modest cost. Living arrangements for couples, friends and families can also be accommodated.


We believe the homestay is an important part of learning Spanish and discovering  the culture of Guatemala.  The families are experienced with housing Spanish students and with communicating with students of all levels. Most have worked with the school for a number of years and all homes are located within a short walking distance from the school.

If you prefer living in an apartment or in a hotel, don't hesitate writing us and we will make a reservation for you during your staying in Guatemala. But we think staying in a family is an important part of learning the Spanish language and culture.


Family Program

We have had wonderful experiences with families
studying at our school, learning Spanish and appreciating Guatemalan culture.  We offer a family program which
involves regular immersion classes for parents while children enjoy a specialized program. 

Children’s classes involve a mix of conversation, games and songs in Spanish, as well as outdoor activities such as trips to the zoo, recreation parks, etc.  Children’s classes and activities are customized to the age of the child, level of Spanish and length of study.  Additionally, we try to match families for the home stay, by placing our student families with Guatemalan families which have children of similar ages.   Finally, we organize weekend activities for our student families, such as trips to the beach, theme parks, sporting events, etc. 

Our goal is to help your family learn Spanish and about Guatemalan culture while enjoying an exciting and safe travel experience.
La Habitición

The Minerva school was a wonderful experience for our family and we highly recommend it for others.

Debra & David Blockstein DavidDebra@verizon.net

I learned a tremendous amount about the Guatemalan culture from my family. It was a wonderful experience on all fronts!

Greta von Bernuth

My family lived very close to the school, cooked amazing food and provided plenty of opportunities to test my Spanish.

Tom Crawshaw tomcrawshaw@yahoo.co.uk

I valued living with a Guatemalan family, this is really the only way to fully understand and appreciate the daily customs of the culture.

Erick Riddle  ERiddle707@aol.com

Former Students


Study 10 weeks or more; Pay only U.S. $160 per week for Course + Homestay.

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