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Spanish Language Courses at Minerva

Five days a week for 5 hours each day you'll receive an intensive Spanish Language Course at Minerva Spanish School. In our school there is one-to-one personalized instruction with certified teachers who are specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language. This means that you, together with your teacher, can focus on your essential needs. Our teachers will ensure that you have fun while you are learning the Spanish language and the Guatemalan culture. 

At the beginning of your first class we will offer you a test to discover the strengths and weaknesses in your Spanish language ability. We can then focus on pronunciation, listening, writing or a combination of these areas. The school uses literature, grammar books, magazines, games, films, and combinations of all these materials to create a quality and effective learning environment.

Minerva Spanish School offers programs at levels
Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.

Our school is the only school in Latin America and Spain that gives you the possibility to write a thesis (superior level in Spanish). Our programs are comparable with the programs in
the American and European universities. See College Credit.

We also offers the following "SPECIAL SPANISH COURSES "


1. Mini-dialogues in Survival.

A. Greetings
B. The singular definite article
C. The grammatical persons
D. Basic vocabulary

2. Simple Intensive Spanish Programs in the Indicative Mood (Regular verbs)

A. Present tense
B. Future tense
C. Simple past (preterit) tense
D. Imperfect past tense

3. The grammatical article

A. Definite article: masculine, feminine, singular, plural and neuter
B. Indefinite article: masculine, feminine, singular and plural
C. Contractions: de+el (del) and a+el (al)

4. The cardinal numbers
5. The ordinal numbers
6. Colors
7. Fruits and vegetables
8. The days of the week
9. The months of the year
10. Vocabulary of the home and person
11. Time
12. The body

*Beginner Level program supplemented by reading, writing, composition, oral comprehension exercises, conversation and translation.


1. Conjugation of the simple tenses in the Indicative mood

A. Present, future, preterit and imperfect
(irregular verbs)
B. The verbs Ser and Estar (uses and meanings)
C. The verbs Saber and Conocer (uses & meanings)
D. The verbs Haber and Tener (uses & meanings)
E. Common irregular verbs (uses & meanings)

2. Conjugation of the progressive tenses in the Indicative mood
3. Conjugation of the Perfect tenses in the Indicative mood
4. The “Popular Future” or periphrastic tense
5. Grammatical gender and number
6. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
7. Possessive adjectives and pronouns
8. Sentence structure (affirmative, negative, interrogative)
9. The noun (classification and uses of nouns)

A. Augmentative
B. Diminutive
C. Pejorative
D. Root and derivative
E. Nationality
F. Collective, fractional and multiple

10. The Adverb (classes, uses and meanings)
11. Common adverbial modes (uses and meanings)

*Basic program supplemented by reading, writing, composition, oral comprehension exercises, dictation, conversation and translation.


1. The conditional mood (simple and compound)
2. The imperative mood (affirmative and negative)
3. The pronoun

A. Personal
B. Possessive
C. Indefinite
D. Demonstrative
E. Relative
F. Interrogative

3. Reflexive verbs (conjugation, uses, meanings)
4. The preposition (uses and meanings)

A. The difference between por and para

5. Prefixes
6. The interjection
7. The infinitive (uses and meanings)
8. The gerund (uses and meanings)
9. The participle
10. Idiomatic constructions

A. Verbs with prepositions
B. Verbs plus infinitive

*Basic program supplemented by reading, writing, composition, oral comprehension exercises, dictation, conversation and translation.


1. The subjunctive mood (uses and meanings)

A. Simple present
B. Simple past
C. Present perfect
D. Past perfect

2. The conjunction (uses and meanings)
3. Comparative and superlative adjective forms
4. Synonyms and antonyms, homonyms
5. Composition and formal correspondence
6. Intensive reading and writing
7. Introduction to literature

A. Selections from national literature
B. Selections from world literature

8. Detailed recapitulation
9. Dynamic conversation
10. Literal and figurative meanings in Spanish
11. Poems and songs

*Basic program supplemented by reading, writing, composition, oral comprehension exercises, dictation, conversation and translation.


1. Idiomatic uses with verbs

A. With the verb DAR
B. With the verb HABER
C. With the verb HACER
D. With the verb TENER

2. Idiomatic and colloquial uses most common in the
Castilian language
3. The common language roots between Spanish and English
4. Introduction to Etymology

A. Greek etymologies of the Castilian language
B. Latin etymologies of the Castilian language

5. Riddles and tongue-twisters
6. Synonyms and Antonyms
7. Selected poems and songs
8. Literature

A. National literature
B. Hispanic literature
C. Global literature

9. The subjunctive mood

A. The simple future
B. The perfect future

10. Thesis

A. The student will write a thesis about a selected area of the Spanish language and/or other themes concerning Guatemalan culture, history, anthropology, etc.

11. Oral presentation of the thesis to the student body of Minerva Spanish School.

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Study 10 weeks or more; Pay only U.S. $160 per week for Course + Homestay.

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"After trying different Spanish Schools I found out that Minerva Spanish School is unbeatable. They really take care of you, they organize a lot of trips and cultural events and you get a really good teacher."

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